Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh new camera! Caught me on my way back from Yoga. Zoe took the next couple of pictures. They are definitely from her perspective.

Before we went on the Pontoon boat. Oh look no kids in the backseat!?
Zoe has that I know I'm not supposed to be doing what I'm doing look.

Kes is a Tillner already. Look at him pose.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Me: Zoe eat your dinner. Just take one bite.
Zoe: Mama you need to use your imagination that I'm taking a bite.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I just think this picture of Kes is funny.
Day at the Zoo!
Kes was scared of the Animal.
Daryn and Zoe started off in the wrong holes.
Much better
It was like they're at Disney!
Kes coloring and eating:)
Zoe got a new notebook with pink pens. So I let Kes pick one out. He carried it around all day.
Parker had her 2 yr old birthday party and I made Sutton and Zoe take a rest before. Princess Beds! We only have one princess couch, so it is always a fight who gets it. So I covered them with Princess blankets. Of course Zoe took it off just to make sure she had the princess couch.

Coco and Kes playing. Remember how Kes thinks all cars are his.

Coco tries to get in with him...

He's holding strong
He is not giving up
I had to take him outside.


Zoe had all her babies and was feeding them on our bed. When she walked away Kes got right up and started to feed the babies.Just making sure its not real

Conversation with Zoe after she is getting off the potty.
"Mama did you flush the toilet"
"But I didn't look"
"I'm sorry I'll remember next time to show you."
"Mama that hurt my feelings and you are not being nice to me and you cheated" (she does not understand the word)
"You are being like Peppermint and I'm like Strawberry Shortcake and you are cheating like peppermint does. You need to not do that"
"Okay I'll try harder next time"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh Zoe

Zoe went to Preschool, the store, and then to the park with her best friend. At 5 it was meltdown time, but I was late in realizing that, and the fun began. My first bite. She definitely goes after what she wants, I didn't think she was going to let go. This is the first and last time that should happen! (I know all parents are laughing at that statement).
Zoe and Sutton at the park. They play this game called dungeon. You capture them and then they run away. They could play this for HOURS. It never seems to get old!

Kes adores BJ. He always wants to be by him.

Zoe learning to take pictures.
Kes brought this outside and sat in the front lawn.