Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Just a normal day...

 Trying to get them both to sleep at the same time.  Who am I kidding??
 Kes loves to cook.  We started getting ready, I turn around....

 Nothing like a morning snack.
 He loves boxes.  Made this himself.
 Zoe lost her first tooth on 1/22/13.
 Her scarf design from Grandma Buenz.
 I keep trying to get her to show me the lost tooth.

 Kesler's outfit to help me hang pictures.

 Disney on Ice

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wisconsin Dells

Decorating the Tree.

Kes in the attic.
Watching the Demo on the house.

In Mimi and Papa's RV.

Start of the house.

Zoe found a good use for the scaffolding.

Christmas 2012

 Kesler loves to fish.  If he doesn't catch anything he carries the bait around and wants to cook it.
 Gave up sleeping in his bed.

 Keslers Christmas Chapel.

 Christmas eve party.

 Uncle Eric and Aunt Colleens gift. Cross bow and coonskin cap.

 House updates


 Christmas photo.
 Kesler and Finnbarr.

 Christmas Parade.

 Zoe and Cailin dressing up and doing amazing shows!

 The aftermath.....
 Zoe and BJ ice skating by the beach.

 Lunch at the American Doll place.

 Love this picture.