Friday, April 29, 2011


The nanny takes the kids to the baseball games across the street. Kes is really into them. He made he own T-ball stand using the air purifier, the vacuum extension, and my bender ball (glad it got some use). BJ got him one for his birthday so we took pity on the kid and gave it to him. I love how he runs the bases!

Polly Pockets

Zoe was playing with her polly pockets, I picked one up to play with her (thinking she will be very happy), she looks at me, takes the polly pocket, and said you can play some other time. So I pretend to cry. She said, "That's a really great fake cry Mama."

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dancing from the heart

Zoe loves Dancing with the Stars. She always asked when they are done dancing, "Did they win." Someone got a bad score and she said, "Well Mama, they didn't win because they didn't dance from the heart." I asked her what dancing from the heart is and above is what I got. Along with her talking about "healthy food?"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Zoe asked BJ to go fishing. Bj looked down and this is what she was doing. Putting them to sleep on her Strawberry shortcake bed. See Adam, she still loves the Berry cafe, but you probably don't even remember giving it to her:)Off to not catch anything! She needs her Papa.Learning to write.Bj had the morning off yesterday to take Kes to get his ear tubes. They got home early and Zoe had him making crafts with her. Look at those beauties.Cupcake dress from Mimi with.........MATCHING dress for her baby. Wow was she excited about that.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This video they found snails under the plastic lawn mover and Kes is just so excited. Kes really likes to be clean. We were driving and I turned around and he is cleaning something off his leg.
Fruit Ninja!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


this was probably 3 in the afternoon. The kids did not adjust well to the time change. They would have loved to get up at 4, nap at 9, bed by 4. Zoe "surfing!" She thinks surfer barbie lives in Hawaii.We hiked to the blowholes. Kes always has a running nose. Impossible to get a picture without.Zoe did really well, I was more nervous for her than she was.
So Kes hates the sun. He likes the cold. If you put shorts on him he tries to pull them down to pants, t-shirts he tries to pull the sleeves on. It's 80 degrees and he does not want to take his fleece and jeans off. We know he will go back to his Milwaukee roots one day. Zoe and BJ went on a submarine. That is her new pose.Kes has to do whatever Bj is doing. (With his fleece on again:)Zoe was playing library.


The old craft box wasn't cutting it anymore. Kes needed new socks. Took him to Target and let him pick out whatever he wanted. This is what he picked. Ha!Zoe is into posing. Always a craft in her hand. She fell asleep with a marker in her hand and we went to move her to her bed and she wakes up and says, "Just one more picture, I just need to do one more picture."
Trying to pack for Hawaii. Coco was over and Zoe and Kes really need a bath, so as she was leaving Zoe got in. Turned around and she was sitting in the tub with her.