Friday, May 11, 2012

Disneyland with Noni

Our garden.

The meat man hit me up.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Flower show

 Zoe's dress from Papa.  Stylish.
 Jump house
 At Zoe's school they entered the seed project in the fair.  Zoe really wanted to win, but we tried to explain that a lot of people entered and well, that probably won't happen.  But it did!! She won.

All the participants.

 Obviously she is taking this very seriously. 

 Zoe and Sutton!

 Dance class.  A little love to the 80's. (just her, no one else).
 Best news yet!!!! Finally!!
 He wanted a picture like Zoe had with her flower plate.


 Road trip to Miwuk Village.  Stop on the way.

 Ate at the Dala house. Supposed to be some famous restaurant. This is what it looked like.  ONE person working.  The cook, waitress, everything..

 Noni and the kids!
 Kes skiing.  He had the smallest boots they make.  The teacher kept telling everyone, that he was still in diapers.  Kes would go straight down the hill and say, "Beep, Beep out of the way. Coming through."
 Another stellar outfit.
 Stuffing the pinata for her party.
 Beach night

 New waterslide.
 Mimi at Disneyland
 Sock puppets
 Cleaning out the garage
 Zoe decide she wanted to have a garage sale.  So she laid out all her toys and priced them.
 Then set up.  Ummm... bad time, no toys sold.

 Bj got the soccer ball stuck on the roof.  Zoe went and got her scarf to try to get it down and Kes got Spiderman so he could crawl up the wall?

 Palm Sunday
 Zoe and Claire
 Zoe allowed Kes to go on a jammie run. She fell asleep and he wanted his pictures took.

Zoe reading her baby book