Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh happy day.

We finally found what works with Zoe!! We have TV tickets. 1 ticket=1 tv show. She starts off with 2 in the morning. If she is bad she gets one taken away. If she does chores, is nice to kes, ect... than she gets one. AND when you use TV she completely understands. No more whining about it, it's great.
This is why I love to pack with toddlers. Bj brought them home a treat from work. Donuts. Kes crumbled his and Zoe ate off the sprinkles.

Kes loves to sit in his toy box.

Before the WIGGLES concert. I can't even begin to describe the experience

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Has it really come to this?
I took Zoe to Preschool and when Kes and I got home the door was locked. Oh yes he did. I had to get the neighbor, pull out the old learning tower and climb in through Merediths window. I love when the locks are changed on us.
Zoe's poo poo toy she picked out. Her and Sutton went at it!

My favorite part is the knife they got out trying to open it. It's the one from the Melisa and Doug cake set (aka, not a knife at all, like a flat piece of wood).

Just Kes being cute (and eating as usual)

Zoe cannot ever sit on the couch. She has to wedge herself between the cushions.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Zoe decided it's time to go see Mimi and Papa. So she used Kes new suitcase and packed her bag. I always think it is so funny what I find in the bags she packs. So I took a picture of everything in this one. She stuffed a lot in!


Book, visor, sunglasses
Too small cheerleading outfit
Magic stick, phone, bracelet
4 pull ups
Fairy headband
Fairy costume
Nice sister, brought a diaper for Kes.
Magic wand
Everyone in the house is sick!

Of course Kes has to be right by her.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Zoe and her "very best friend" Sutton.
Dirty Kes wanting to get in on the action.

So Sutton had "princesses," aka pez dispensers that are all princess. Zoe thinks these are gold. I randomly had one that Mimi sent her stashed away. She's been carrying it everywhere. Of course Kes wants it, finally gets his chance, steals it, runs down the hall, open and closing it, but she caught him! Doesn't stop him from going at it again. I mean really, all over a PEZ dispenser.
Zoe thinks the umbrella will shield her from Kes.

He said Mama for the first time today! Or at least I like to think he did.
THE most exciting news is that operation re-potty train is a success!! A one day success so far but hopefully she's on a role.