Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summertime 2

 Sleeping in his big boy bed.  Kesler's happy place is  Dora, apple juice, and blankie.

 The coach at soccer told him to go get water.  All we had was his cup with apple juice in it.  He looks at us and said, "No, water."  So, before every practice he asks us if we have his water.

 I got away to AZ!!!!!
 Zoe's last day of Preschool.

 Tea party with Cailin and Lindsay!

Summer camp.  Cailin and Zoe wear matching outfits everyday.

 Kes loves my green drinks.
 Kes and David

 Kes and David at Soccer

 Zoe and BJ at tennis class.
 Pajama day at Summer Camp.  We stayed up late to make her bear a rainbow dress.
 Kes wanted a picture like Zoe.

 Mimi's presents!
 They found flower petals.


 Kes was stretching before class.
 Matching Soccer shoes and ball.  He takes his soccer very seriously.

Mimi sent Zoe foot cream.  She walked downstairs looking like this.
Singing in the church Choir.

The next door neighbor little grandson made Zoe this.  It looks just like her.
Trying on hats in Rite Aid.