Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Drawing pinkalicious!

Kes is standing at the old craft corner. Zoe's post. But since she is at school he takes full advantage of the opportunity.
What an outfit Kes

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A show by Zoe

Staring the new Barbie from Papa with the old favorite, Ariel from Mimi. You guys know how to pick them, she loves them!


Friday, December 17, 2010


I couldn't take the kids to Santa so Aunty Meredith stepped in. Kes would not go near him. Zoe told him she wanted a Barbie doll. That sparkle dress Mimi got her has gotten a lot of wear!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

New digs

Zoe created this... thing by herself. She had all sorts of things working.

Kes would not get out of the box so Zoe brought him toys. Kes was using the bowl as a hat.

Zoe was worried Santa would not find the new house.I forgot to feed Kes lunch..BECAUSE he was sleeping so he went crazy with the spaghetti.

The beginnings of the princess room. She told someone that it just needs to be painted pink. Sparkly curtains are on the away and some more princess decor. You open the door to this room and it looks like someone threw up pink.

Bj and his little amoebaJust love packing

Sutton and Zoe were very into the makeup Uncle Adam gave her.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Home from Chicago!

Went to Disney the Sunday before we left. It was the Christmas parade! Kes is sporting the Tillner eyes.

We've never been able to stay late, but it was so pretty.
On the plane to Chicago! Kes of course eating.

Just can't keep him down
His cheeks got a funky red on the way out
Zoe and Mimi decorating the Christmas tree. I was a little worried Zoe was not going to leave her Mimi and get on the plane back to CA.

At kid town. Kes is leading the group in DancingDress up
He is such a Wisconsin boy
On the flight back Zoe made a friend across the isle. So I wound up with 3 kids in my row.

Off to her side. I know, gross on the floor, but a delayed long flight. I am over it. They can be washed.

So house sold, and we have to move by Jan 1. Don't worry it is in our best interest to move. BJ negotiated well, my little grasshopper is learning:) Little stressful to move again because there are no houses for rent btw Thanksgiving and Christmas. We understand, who moves during the holidays. Just sad because we don't want to leave our neighbors. Know that we have to, but does not make it any easier. Little scared to see how Zoe is going to adapt to not waking up to Sutton and Coco everyday. I know we will still see them (a lot!) but I'm still sad and will really miss them.