Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mission Bay, San Diego


This is our home for the month of Oct - the road trip is now essentially done. :(

We are trying to make a go of San Diego being our new home for the foreseeable future. I anticipate continuing to blog as a great way to maintain a family journal - being said, if you want to stop receiving emails about when I post, no hurt feelings if you stop "following" the blog.

The trip was a wonderful experience, and I something we will certainly never regret. The time together and experiences we had were wonderful to say the least. Missy and I are already thinking about what type of RV we will live in full time to see the rest of the country when the kids are out of the house! :)

Cheers to Toyota, the Sequoia was our first toyota, and we didn't have a single hiccup with the truck for the entire trip - what a relief. The Puma did well too, no major catastrophes either thank goodness.

Lakeside - what lake?

Gas: 3.05

We crashed Mikey's driveway for two nights while we searched all of the campgrounds in San Diego for our new home.

Unfortunately I forgot to take pics of the rig along side the house.

Zoe was in heaven running around a house and having Rocky to boss around and play with.

I looked around quite a bit and never did find the lake this town should be on the side of, but, oh well, seems to be working the way it is.

Da River - Palo Verde

Gas was about 2.50 - I didn't write it down exactly, but I know it was nothing big - but we feel the price climbing with each mile towards CA

We made it all of the way to Palo Verde CA - a small town on the Colorado border separating CA and AZ. Why here you ask? Well good question.
It happens to be the location of a vacation home of a dental school classmates family - and they have full RV hookups along side the house - can't beat that!!

Kes and Mikey Sr catching a snooze as the afternoon sun passes by.

Zoe doing the 'naked dance' in the good'ol Colorado river

These sunglasses were found on the sand bar - ground down so you couldn't see a single thing through them - but like any great model, Zoe still pulled them off without a hitch.

Zoe checking the cooler for more goodies.

Dr Tyler can fix just about anything with an empty beer can and some rusty pliers.

Smiles here - but neither enjoyed the life vests at all!! Zoe was hysterical wearing it until the boat stopped and she didn't have to anymore - then she asked to wear it running around the sand bar!!

These last shots are of Quartzsite - a town in between Phoenix and Palo Verde/Blythe. It has a bunch of gem mines, maybe?? Anyway, as you can see, as we drove through it was near a ghost town - but apparently for Jan-Feb the population explodes into the hundreds of thousands for the largest RV and Gem show and a huge months long flee market too. Strange, you may think, but what the heck else ya gonna do in Jan?? Really, what??