Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kes and his milk

So I pretended to be mom of the year and try to make a sneaky chocolate milk. Soy Chocolate milk, banana, green powder, yogurt, and almond butter all blended. Of course she wanted the "other chocolate milk." She left her cup in reach of this monster and I turned around and he had a death grip on that cup. No complaints from him! So we put him in his highchair and let him guzzle away. He thought he was so funny!

He carried that guitar all day. I think he didn't want Zoe to take it.

Kes would not wear a shirt. He would take it off every time I put it on.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kes is 1! or as Zoe says he's finally a number!

Mini Party on the front porch. With Zoe's "Berry" best friends.
Let Dad do the dirty job

It was a costume party.

Zoe built another fort.
Kes just having his mini birthday bagel in the car.

Zoe in her new phase. Jammies all day long.
Kes is walking!

Zoe built a fort so her and her babies (look closely) had a place to sleep. Yes, she is wearing a swimsuit. Yes, I thought we were out of that phase.

Kes loves, loves, loves this car. Zoe now decided she loves it

Zoe's new Ice cream dress. Thanks MimiandPapa!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Zoe is ready for Chicago!

Tie dye on the front lawn. THANKS Papa I'll be sure to return the favor one day:)

Dad let her get suckers for her and her friend in Old Town.

I told Zoe we had to pack to go to Chicago and this is what was by the door 10 min later.