Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bubble Guppies Dance

Why do we need toys when you have a vacuum?

Zoe walked out and said, "I have a tattoo like Papa. He has one that can't come off and it had a needle on it. I think he did cry about it."
A little fairy danced out of her room.

This are in reverse order but Zoe is very into this scrapbook she got from Coco for her birthday. I told her not to loose the cap to the glue stick.

Again, in reverse order. We couldn't find Zoe..

Kes was crazy about Zoe's Birthday balloons. He carried them everywhere. Zoe finally gave up and just let him have them.
He found the stool in the bathroom and just stood on it holding the balloons. Hours.

Max and Harrison over for a play date. Zoe is not used to a play date that they dig holes instead of dress up, but she got into it. Kes was in heaven.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zoe's Princess Birthday Party

And it begins......
We picked Sutton up and they dressed first to be greeters at the door. The party was at a store in the mall, the front was an actual store and the back was a castle that they have parties in. She picked out this cake, of course Ariel is her favorite. After she blew out the candles she grabbed Ariel off the cake so no one else could take her.
They wanted to be matching.
Looking at the cake....
Testing out the "twirl" on the dresses.
She picked The Little Mermaid to be playing.
My 2 favorite people of the day, the hostesses.
When they arrived they first sat down and had some snacks. Tried to make it like a tea party. Mini Banana muffins, Mini Berry muffins, mini P&J sandwiches, homemade granola bars, popcorn, pretzels, chips, goldfish, and oranges. I told her she could have whatever she wants it just had to be healthy.
Zoe in the chair with the diamonds.
The dress up closet.

After picking a dress they had their hair done complete with tiaras and glitter, and sparkly lip gloss.

Notice Zoe had a costume change. Shocker.
Playing games and dancing.

Zoe got to pick the book, Fancy Nancy.
Photo time.

Game called, "HOT flounder."

Cake time

Opening presents.
If this is not enough (Mimi and Papa) don't worry we recorded the whole thing also.