Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Kes and Coco Playing.
Zoe dressed up Coco. What will we do without our daily playdate with Coco?:(

Our lovely neighbors!

Meredith fixing her car. Go Mer!

As many of you know the house we moved into was being foreclosed on. The landlord did not tell us this in advance. We are in a bad situation because we cannot get a mortgage for a year due to being self employed. So we either move and rent for another couple of months and then buy (and have to move again), or rent for another year. So frustrating. He than sold the house without telling us and just gave us 3 weeks to move out in the form of a 30day notice letter, but the house will be sold in 3 weeks?! Yes, the math doesn't add up to us either.

We really don't care about the house but are upset because Zoe has made so many little friends in the neighborhood and our neighbors have all been so welcoming. It seems that all the kids are between 4 and 1. Kes is the youngest. It worries us to see how she is going to take the move. Actually we just want to be done with this place, after all the stress it has caused and move on.

AND than we remember that our kids are healthy, we have good jobs, and really we will get over this.

1st Real day of Preschool!

Kes loves moving the lawn.

Kes thinks he owns this car.

Zoe can sleep through anything.
7am and Kes was loving the sprinklers.

She thought she looked like Barbie.

Zoe dressed herself.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


We have been so busy lately. More pictures to come later.
Only pet our kids are ever going to have. Thanks Papa.

Kes playing with birthday gift from Gigi!