Thursday, June 13, 2013


 Zoe ready for her Hula Show.  She was so excited about the costume.  The costume is by far the best part of dance.  Picture of Kes costume to come...
 Many shows are preformed her.  The dressing room aka Zoe's room looks like a bomb hit it after.
 Took them to the Greek festival and all they wanted to do was play on the grass. Poor children deprived of grass.
 Zoe got her own library card.  Super cool

Monday, June 3, 2013


Keslers last day of 3yr old preschool.  With his buddies Finnbarr and Weston. 

 At Disneyland!
 Kes had PJ and Teddy Bear day.  He was so excited that Zoe let him borrow bears that he got a little crazy!
Whenever we tell Kes he is too little, he lays down on the ground and wants us to measure him.  Then he says,"SEE, see how big I am."
 Zoe playing water polo
 For Kes birthday party at school Kes brought cherries.  I did offer cupcakes....
 Kes took a couple of friends from his class to the padres game for his birthday.

 Last day of soccer.  Kes super excited he got a medal!

 Crazy hair day at Zoes school.  Kes had to take part.
 Braids, curlers, Flowers, and hair color.  She was a hit!

 Zoe really wanted bangs.  After she asked me, "Do you think my teacher will know who I am tomorrow?"  She loves them.

 Bean plate winner again!!! 2 years in a row. 

Easter at Nonis!

 Noni took one for the team and went on the ride with her. 

Friday, March 29, 2013

 Soccer.  Kes always scores at least one goal each game...usually in the wrong goal.  Zoe has become a monster out there.   She is super good now.

 Kes learned how to ride a bike.  Not bad for 3.5 yrs old!

 Kes and Finnbar.  Below is Keslers happy place.  As long as he is touching BJ, he is happy.  We call BJ his power source.
 I still worry she is losing her style....clearly not.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Estella folded Kesler's blanket and placed this monkey on top of it.  Now Kes has been carrying around his baby all day and feeding it juice.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013


 These pictures are not in order, haven't figured that out yet in google chrome:).
 Zoe sat and built this. I love the age when they sit and do something for more then 10 minutes.
 John took them to the Monster Jam show.  Kes loved it, Zoe so so.  What Kes really liked was the cotton candy.

 They had a 100 day party at Zoe's school.  John worked really hard and they made a board of teeth.  It was definitely the most different one in class!
 Kes loves to cook.  Enough said.

 This is what he picked out for breakfast.

 Zoe made this outfit herself.

  Bad picture, but 1st tooth lost!  John pulled it and I almost threw up.
 I tried to get her to show me the the tooth space, but she wouldn't.

 Kes helping me clean up.

 Disney on Ice show.

 Lake Lawn 2013.
 Kesler was ready to drive the Kitty Cat
My little ghetto boy.

 Off to ice fish with Papa.

 All the kids!

 Birthday Day.  She dressed all in white.  I have nothing to do with these outfits, or the adorable/annoying brother that wouldn't let her take a picture by herself.

 Hollywood for the weekend.

 Kesler and Finnbar
 This picture sums up my life.
 Zoe needed her "glasses" to write in her Diary.

 Anything she does, he must also.

Kes made this.

 Catching crabs in the tide pools and making a sand castle house.
 Tennis class.  Zoe is really good.  Kes... he will stick to team sports.
 Zoe's Pajama party.

 The leg warmers make the outfit.  Thanks Claire!