Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I just said, "Thank you Zoe," and she replied, "It's my pleasure."

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Uncle Erics in the House!

Zoe and Sutton having a picnic.
Party at Chris House. Kes was not supposed to be feeding the dogs.

Notice how I'm holding Kes who is I'm sure is eating and the dogs are all waiting for him to drop foodBusted Bella back out.

Suttons mom was out of town and she came over with some ...Hair issues. Took care of that!

They love to play with my old teeth. Kes got in on the action this time.

Can you find the girls?

Trying to pack...again.... Kes is packing his lawn mover

This is what we do when Zoe's at school. Pluck all the grapes off put them in a bowl.
Love the fake smiles.

Move to the treadmill and transfer to another bowl.
Then transfer back......
And this goes on for hours!
Uncle Eric brought a gingerbread kit for them to make.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Kes and boxes

Yes Kes has blocks but he wanted to play with the old boxes.

This is how we roll on a friday night

Friday night..Party!! In a box.

Jammie story time at the library with Coco.

Zoe's hair is to die for.

While Zoe is at preschool Kes loves to play with her toys. He found my old typodont boxes (no clue why I still have them) and just kept stacking them all over house. He was so proud of himself.

I asked him to go by the boxes and say "cheese"

Sutton and Zoe came out in matching outfits. Doing some kind of weird show..