Monday, June 3, 2013


Keslers last day of 3yr old preschool.  With his buddies Finnbarr and Weston. 

 At Disneyland!
 Kes had PJ and Teddy Bear day.  He was so excited that Zoe let him borrow bears that he got a little crazy!
Whenever we tell Kes he is too little, he lays down on the ground and wants us to measure him.  Then he says,"SEE, see how big I am."
 Zoe playing water polo
 For Kes birthday party at school Kes brought cherries.  I did offer cupcakes....
 Kes took a couple of friends from his class to the padres game for his birthday.

 Last day of soccer.  Kes super excited he got a medal!

 Crazy hair day at Zoes school.  Kes had to take part.
 Braids, curlers, Flowers, and hair color.  She was a hit!

 Zoe really wanted bangs.  After she asked me, "Do you think my teacher will know who I am tomorrow?"  She loves them.

 Bean plate winner again!!! 2 years in a row. 

Easter at Nonis!

 Noni took one for the team and went on the ride with her. 

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